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VHS Index: The Initiation of Sarah (Worldvision Home Video Inc.)

Distributor Info
Title: The Initiation of Sarah
Distr: Worldvision Home Video Inc.
Year: 1985
Cat #: V 4013
Case: Large clamshell

Movie Info
Orig. Title: The Initiation of Sarah
Director: Robert Day
Year: 1978
Country: USA
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Subgenre: TV Movie

Box Synopsis:
           "Deep within the brain of Sarah Goodwin stirs an awesome and terrifying psychic power. And it's wise not to become her enemy. Kay Lenz stars as Sarah in this chilling suspense thriller about a college student with mysterious psycho-kinetic abilities. Sarah and her sister Patti (Morgan Brittany) are both excited about leaving home for the University, but the two sisters are as different as day and night. Patti is attractive and personable. Sarah is quiet and enigmatic. Patti is readily accepted into a campus organization, while Sarah is barred from membership by its beautiful leader, Jennifer Lawrence (Morgan Fairchild). Sarah then seeks out a rival group ruled by the strange Erica Hunter (Shelley Winters) who discovers Sarah's powers and plots to use them in an act of revenge. Realizing Hunter's plan, however, Sarah unleashes her devastating power in a truly shocking and startling climax!"

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The VHS Index: Worldvision Home Video Inc.

Total Titles: 41
Cat #:Title:Genre: Case Type:Year:
V 1003Top Cat (1976-TV)AnimationLarge clamshell198?
V 1035Top Cat: Volume 2 (1976-TV)AnimationLarge clamshell1984
V 1047Thundarr the Barbarian: Volume 2 (1980-TV)AnimationLarge clamshell1985
V 1069Dastardly & Muttley's High Flying Fun (1969-TV)AnimationLarge clamshell1986
V 1073Fangface: Spooky Spoofs (1978-TV)AnimationLarge clamshell1986
V 1106Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos (1986-TV)AnimationLarge clamshell1987
V 4001Hangar 18 (1980)Sci-FiLarge clamshell198?
V 4007Moon of the Wolf (1972)HorrorSlipcase198?
V 4011Breakthrough (1979)War/DramaLarge clamshell1983
V 4013The Initiation of Sarah (1978-TV)HorrorLarge clamshell1984
V 4018Francis Gary Powers: The True Story of the U-2 Spy Incident (1976-TV)DramaLarge clamshell1985
V 4019The Dead Don't Die (1975-TV)Horror/ThrillerLarge clamshell1985
V 4022If Things Were Different (1980-TV)DramaLarge clamshell1985
V 4028Mr. Sycamore (1975)Comedy/DramaLarge clamshell1986
V 4035Snowbeast (1977-TV)HorrorLarge clamshell1985
V 4050Death Ray 2000 (1981-TV)Action/Sci-FiLarge clamshell1986
V 4058The Hunted Lady (1977-TV)Action/ThrillerLarge clamshell1987
V 6002Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978-TV)Music/FantasyLarge clamshell1986
1054Inch High Private Eye (1973-TV)AnimationLarge clamshell1985
1112Top Cat: The Cat's Meow (1966-TV)AnimationLarge clamshell1987
3015To Catch a Killer (1992-TV)Crime/DramaSlipcase1992
4019The Dead Don't Die (1975-TV)Horror/ThrillerSlipcase198?
4042The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald (1977-TV)DramaSlipcase1987
4064Remember Me (1985-TV)Horror/ThrillerSlipcase1988
4066Night Terror (1977-TV)ThrillerLarge clamshell1988
4105The Man Without a Country (1973-TV)DramaSlipcase199?
4114The Killing Mind (1990-TV)ThrillerSlipcase1990
4137Grave Secrets: The Legacy of Hilltop Drive (1992-TV)Horror/ThrillerSlipcase1992
4156Silent Motive (1991-TV)ThrillerSlipcase1991
4175God Bless the Child (1988-TV)DramaSlipcase1993
5003Tales from the Darkside (1983-TV)HorrorSlipcase1991
5037Tales from the Darkside: Vol. 3 (1983-TV)HorrorSlipcase1991
5044Tales from the Darkside: Vol. 2 (1983-TV)HorrorSlipcase1991
6006Blind Vision (1992-TV)Thriller/EroticSlipcase1992
6090The Lost World (1992)AdventureSlipcase1993
6105Return to the Lost World (1992)AdventureSlipcase1993
6117Trauma (1993)HorrorSlipcase1993
7007The Secrets of Dick Smith (1991-TV)DocumentarySlipcase1991
7008A Certain Sacrifice (1985)Crime/DramaSlipcase1985
8014Sebastian Star Bear: The First Mission (1991)AnimationSlipcase1991
9004Monsters: Jar / The Farmer's Daughter (1989-TV)HorrorSlipcase1989
9179-2The Addams Family: The Addams Family Goes to School... (1964-TV)Comedy/HorrorSlipcase1994
NONEHangar 18 (1980)Sci-FiSlipcase198?

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