Monday, May 13, 2013

Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! VHS Pre-Order

Sub Rosa Studios VHS Release of Worm Miller's 2003 Shot-on-video feature Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! will go on sale May 15, 2013 at 11:00AM EST. Be at the links below at that time.

SRS Store:

For those who don't know, Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! is a horror/comedy written by Worm Miller and Patrick Casey and directed by Miller. It's their second SOV feature, following the sci-fi spoof The Movie from the Future in 2000. The writing team of Casey and Miller would go on to write the screenplays for National Lampoon Presents Dorm Daze in 2003 and its sequel in 2006; as well as writing the screenplays for the sci-fi flick Game Box 1.0 in 2004 and the horror/comedy Transylmania in 2009.

Sub Rosa's VHS release will be limited to 65 copies and will also include a DVD, an 11x17 poster, and an iron-on T-shirt transfer.

Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! Trailer

Sunday, May 12, 2013

An Eye On eBay VHS: Volume #3

Welcome to Volume #3 of An Eye On eBay. This edition covers auctions that ended between April 20 to April 27, 2013.

 Death of A Hooker (Video Gems - big box) sold for $112.49. This   was a sealed mint condition copy, which is why it sold for so much.


Cathy's Curse (Planet Video - 1982 - big box) sold for $102.50. An early distributor, Planet Video tapes are quite rare and collectable. This tape had the normal edge-wear plus a small tear on the bottom corner on the back of the box.

Things (Triworld Films Inc - 1990 - slipcase) sold for $93.26. Things is a very rare title and highly sought after among collectors. This tape was a previous rental with just minor edge-wear.

Blood Hunger (Even Steven Productions - 1987 - slipcase) sold for $81.00. This is another rare and sought after title. This particular tape was in very good condition.

The Eerie Midnight Horror Show (Planet Video - 1982 - big box) sold for $76.00. Here's another rare Planet Video tape from the early '80s. The box itself was intact, with a fair amount of wear and some light sun-fading.

Let's Play Dead (World Premiere Home Video - 1985 - big box) sold for $74.00. This is a pretty rare title that does not pop up that often. This particular tape was in very good condition.

The Next Victim (Thriller Video - 1986 - big box) sold for $74.00. This title is not extremely rare, but this particular copy was sealed and mint condition, which is definitely rare.

Adjust Your Tracking VHS Documentary Update

Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector New York City premiere will be on May 24, 2013 at 92YTribeca. All those involved with the making of the documentary will be there. Tickets are available at

If you're in the area you should definitely check it out. Here's the official 2013 trailer for the documentary: