Thursday, April 18, 2013

An Eye On eBay VHS: Volume #2

Welcome to Volume #2 of An Eye On eBay, where I provide an overview of recent VHS auctions that have ended on eBay. This will be an ongoing part of the blog, and will hopefully provide a log, for the benefit of myself and others, of the "going price" for the rarest VHS tapes on eBay - the "top shelf" tapes, so to speak. What I will be including on these lists will be the more high dollar tapes, since these are generally the rarer titles. While $50 is a good chunk of change, it's about the average range for semi-rare to rare tapes in "good" to "very good" condition. So for this and future postings in this series, I'm setting the price range from around $80.00 and up. And by the way, when I say rare, I mean RARE. People on eBay throw the word "rare" around too much, using it for everything from Microwave Massacre to Pulp Fiction. They also use "OOP" a lot; which is redundant since all VHS listings on eBay are out-of-print.

Inquisition (Video City Productions - 1984 - oversized clamshell) sold for $202.50. Video City tapes are pretty rare, and this Paul Naschy film is definitely one of the most sought after tapes from that distributor. This particular tape was a former rental but looked to be in really good condition with only minor sun-fade to the front cover.
Warlock Moon (Unicorn Video - early '80s - oversized clamshell) sold for $162.50. Another tape in high demand that does not show up that often on eBay. The film was directed by Bill Herbert in 1973 and did the drive-in circuit before hitting video shelves in the early '80s. This auction was a former rental, and judging from the picture looked to be in very good condition. As is the case with some VHS tapes from the early '80s, a Betamax label was used on the face of the tape.
Bloodthirsty Butchers (Midnight Video - 1982 - big box) sold for $91.00. In Volume #1 of An Eye On eBay there was a Torture Dungeon from Midnight Video that sold for $137.50 (from the same seller I believe). That tape had quite a bit more sun-fade to the front cover than this one, but other than that both looked to be in decent shape. This was a prior rental as well. Currently there's an auction going on for a sealed copy of The Man With 2 Heads Betamax on Midnight Video, so we'll see how that ends.
Last Orgy of the Third Reich (Video City Productions - 1985 - oversized clamshell) sold for $84.94. Here's another rare Video City tape of an Italian grindhouse "Nazisploitation" flick from 1977, directed by Cesare Canevari and also known as The Gestapo's Last Orgy. Does not come up for auction on eBay that often, hence the hefty closing bid. This tape was a former rental in good condition save for some very minor sun-fade.
Gore-Met Zombie Chef from Hell (Camp Video - 1987 - big box) sold for $80.01. This tape is always in demand, as evidenced in Volume #1 of An Eye On eBay where a copy sold for $122.50. This auction was for a very clean tape in excellent condition. I know because I had bid up to $78.00, and my mobile eBay app on my phone decided to glitch during the last few seconds of the auction when I was about to increase my bid to $85.00. Damn you eBay app! Oh well, one day you will be mine Zombie Chef!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lethal Nightmare VHS Release

Sub Rosa Studios' Lethal Nightmare VHS goes on sale today April 15, 2013 at 11:00AM EST in the Sub Rosa Online Store. The film was shot on Super-8 in 1991 by early splatter video pioneers the Polonia Brothers and is a remake of their 1986 shot-on-video movie Hallucinations. Lethal Nightmare was never released on home video format, so this will mark the first official release of the movie.

The VHS will be limited to 65 copies, with about 30 copies already reserved for subscription members. Each copy will be signed by Mark Polonia and will also come with a DVD of the movie, an 11x17 poster, and a groovy '70s-style iron-on T-shirt transfer

Here's the links
SRS Store:

SRS Facebook:

Awesome iron-on t-shirt transfer

Red Lips VHS Pre-Order

Red Lips VHS, directed by Donald Farmer in 1995, is currently available for pre-order through Vultra Video for $30.00. It's limited to 55 copies. Each copy will also come with an 11x17 poster, a Vultra Video sticker, a blood vial with the Red Lips logo, and a lipstick container with the Red Lips logo. Each copy will also be signed by the director, Donald Farmer. Vultra Video tapes sell out quickly, so go to the link below if you want one, otherwise you'll be paying double for it on eBay later.

Vultra Video store:

Vulta Video Facebook:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

"B" is for Black Magic Terror

Black Magic Terror
Distributor: Twilight Video
Parent Corporation: Trans World Entertainment
Catalog #: 15011
Case Type: Oversized clamshell
VHS Released: 1985
Original Movie Released: 1983
Directed by: L. Sudjio (aka Liliek Sudjio)
Country of Origin: Indonesia
Title As Released: Ratu Ilmu Hitam
Alternate Titles: The Queen of Black Magic, Black Magic 3

Black Magic Terror was directed by the prolific Indonesian filmmaker Liliek Sudjio in 1983. He had already directed quite a few films before this one, the earliest dating back to 1957. And he dabbled in all kinds of genres including drama, action, war, superheros, and horror. I've only seen Black Magic Terror, and I'm not sure how many of his other films (if any) are dubbed in English or subtitled. 
 I would love to see some of his other films, especially the superhero stuff like Gundala Putra Petir (Gundala The Son of Lightning) and Darna Ajaib (DarnaWonder Girl). 


Black Magic Terror carries on the tradition set forth by Hong Kong cinema's "black magic" sub-genre, which began with the Shaw Brothers production Black Magic (Jiang Tou) in 1975, and followed by such films as The Boxer's Omen, Seeding of a Ghost, and Devil Fetus to name a few.
 Box Synopsis:
In this horrifying tale, the darkest witchcraft is
woven to create terrifying demons to attack the body,
mind and spirit of its victims.
Evoking these evil spells is the Queen of Black Magic
whose anger is matched only by her powers,
her passion matched only by her hate.
The above-mentioned Hong Kong-based "black magic" films are well known to western audiences, but the genre actually goes farther back. There's a Hong Kong/Indonesian/Malaysian co-production from 1967 called Penanggalan (aka The Headless Terror), directed by Tulsi (Darwaza) Ramsay, and starring Indonesian actress Suzzanna as the "penanggalan". In Southeast Asian folklore a penanggalan is a being who, either through the use of black magic or by being cursed by a black magician, could detach its head from its body and the disembodied head, with entrails dangling from the spinal cord, could then fly around seeking victims. Hence the English translation of the Penanggalan film, The Headless Terror. All this would be great practice for Suzzanna, who would go on to become Murni, the "Queen of Black Magic, in Sudjio's Black Magic Terror. And one of my favorite scenes in Black Magic Terror also features a penanggalan. After being cursed by Murni's black magic, a victim proceeds to rip his own head off, complete with dangling spinal cord, which then flies around biting people. Awesome!

Black Magic Terror was distributed in the US in 1985 by Twilight Video, which was owned by Trans World Entertainment. I have a copy of Joe D'Amato's Trap Them and Kill Them, which was also released on Twilight Video, and to my knowledge that's the only releases by the company. I think some people confuse releases by another company called Twilight Home Entertainment, which is different. If anybody knows of other releases let me know.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Eye On eBay VHS: Volume #1

This post and others in the "An Eye On eBay VHS..." series will focus on Rare and desired VHS tape sales on eBay, just to give people an idea of the going prices for certain titles. Of course we're talking about eBay so that means these prices can get pretty high, due to demand for certain titles. You may be able to find these titles being sold directly from a collector for less, and of course you make be REAL lucky and find some of these titles at a thrift store, flea market, or yard sale for $0.50.

Alright tapeheads, in Volume #1 of "An Eye On eBay" we have five tapes that ended recently, and one of them is a "Holy Grail" for collectors, being one of the most desired tapes among VHS horror collectors...


Black Devil Doll from Hell (Hollywood Home Theater - 1984 - oversized clamshell), directed by Chester N. Turner, sold for a whopping $666.67! That's an insane figure, but ya gotta admit, for a movie about a DEVIL doll, it's an appropriate number! The only other tapes I can think of right now that have been up there with that figure are Last House on Dead End Street on the Sun Video label and Chester N. Turner's other movie, Tales from the Quadead Zone.

The House that Bled to Death (Thriller Video - 1985 - big box) sold for $164.37. It was a sealed mint copy, so this price is expected. I've seen previous rental copies with light sun-fade on the cover and average wear on the edges sell for $60 to $70. The Thriller Video Elvira tapes are not necessarily all that rare (being that they pop up quite often on eBay), but they're always in demand, so even well-worn copies (with intact boxes) sell for around $25 to $35 on eBay.

Torture Dungeon (Midnight Video - 1982 -big box) sold for $137.50. One of the most collectible distributors, Midnight Video tapes always command high prices, of course. This particular tape was a previous rental with stickers, heavy sun-fade on the front cover and edge-wear.

Gore-Met Zombie Chef From Hell (Camp Video - 1987 - big box) sold for $122.50. This is another in-demand title among collectors. It pops up from time-to-time on eBay. This particular one was a previous rental with just minimal wear to the front cover.

The Undertaker and His Pals (Massacre Video oversized clamshell) sold for $107.50. This tape was limited to 50 copies and came with stickers and an audio cassette tape. Massacre Video is one of what I call "The New Flesh" of VHS distributors, meaning a distributor releasing titles on VHS after the so-called "death of VHS" in 2006. Of course, the format never really died, and DIY micro-distributors like Massacre Video, Vultra Video, and a handful of others are still keeping the VHS torch lit.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Lunchmeat Issue #7 On Sale Now

Issue #7 of the excellent VHS 'zine Lunchmeat is on sale now. Its over 50+ pages, chocked full of VHS goodness including reviews of such video delights as Thunder Warrior II, Tombstone Territory, Double Trouble, Project Nightmare and more. There's an interview with Brian Trenchard-Smith, Australian director of video classics such as The Quest, Escape 2000, Stunt Rock, Dead End Drive-In, and BMX Bandits. There's also an interview with Jeffrey Obrow, director of The Dorm that Dripped Blood, The Kindred, The Power, and the Dean Koontz adaptation Servants of Twilight. Plus character actor Eddie Deezen (Laserblast, Zapped! and a ton of other movies); actress Liane Curtis (Girlfriend from Hell, Critters 2, Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever); producer, writer, and all-around video-maven Sam Sherman talks about his awesome '80s VHS distribution label Super Video. And lots more, including a history of classic vid label Thriller Video.
There are only 1000 copies printed and
once they're gone that's it.
Go here to get your copy now:

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers VHS (2nd Edition) Release

"On the morning of March 15, 2013,   
twenty lucky fans on the interwebs were able
to get a copy of HCH before they ran out.
9 minutes later, the suvivors were sweating
bullets while the rest were outraged and
screaming bloody murder.

They were mad as Hell!

They babbled a mad tale: too many people...
not enough 9 minutes Chainsaw Hookers
was gone...then they sank into catatonia.

Officially, on the records, Hollywood
Chainsaw Hookers was only limited to 50.

But during the last 20 days, over and over
again, reports of disgruntled fans have
persisted all across the interwebs. Hollywood
Chainsaw Hookers has not stopped. It haunts SRS.

It seems to have no end..."

I was able to snag a copy of the original 50, but for those who missed it on that crazy morning of March 15, 2013 when the initial run of 50 copies of Fred Olen Ray's Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers sold out in under 9 minutes, here's your chance to get it again! Sub Rosa is releasing a 2nd Edition of Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. This will also be limited to 50 copies, and when it sells out (which will probably be pretty quickly) there will be no more. This edition will have the same artwork but will not be signed by the director, and it will not come with the 11"x17" poster. This edition will be numbered #51-#100 and come on black VHS stock. They will, however, come with an item not included in the original 50 copies - a reprint card from the original HCH press kit.

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers 2nd edition goes on sale tomorrow April 5, 2013 at 11:00AM EST. See links below. If you want one get online before that and be ready, cause this will be it.

Sub Rosa Facebook page:

Sub Rosa Store:

"A" is for Alien Prey

OK, what this post, and subsequent posts with this theme, will be about is the "A-Z of Horror & Cult VHS Releases" as presented by myself. So the next post will be "B" is for... then "C" is for... and so forth until I reach "Z", then it will start back over with "A". What I'm doing with this is basically highlighting VHS titles that are either rare, essential, or just personal favorites of mine.

Alien Prey
Distributor: Comet Video
Catalog #: 2004
Case Type: Big box
VHS Released: 1984
Original Movie Released: 1978
Alternate Titles: Prey

Alien Prey, released in 1978, was UK horror/sci-fi director Norman J. Warren's fifth film. Warren began directing soft core films with Her Private Hell and Loving Feeling, both released in 1968, before moving to horror with Evil Heritage in 1976, followed by Terror in 1978. Most people seem to either love or hate the films of Norman J. Warren. I happen to love them. Yes, they're made on the cheap, but they have a certain charm all their own, much like the films of Andy Milligan. Of the handful of Warren's films that I've seen, Alien Prey is my favorite, and can certainly be appreciated by those who aren't necessarily a fan of the director. Warren does a great job of juggling many different elements from horror, sci-fi, and exploitation to genuine creepiness, brief but splattery gore, and effective tension.

 It was released on VHS in the US by Comet Video (a subsidiary of Continental Video) in 1984 in a "big box". And it's one of my favorite Comet boxes too, up there with Herschell Gordon Lewis' "Blood Trilogy"; and like those boxes, its cover art features a juicy gory bit from the movie. It certainly attracted my attention back in the late '80s, when I first rented it from a local "mom & pop" video store. It's somewhat of a rare title now. It's certainly not impossible to find, but for an intact "big box" in decent shape, you're looking at $50.00 and upwards, depending on the condition. The Alien Prey VHS is one that falls in all 3 of the categories I mentioned above - rare (somewhat), essential (for cult movie fans), and a personal favorite (oh yeah).

Monday, April 1, 2013

Wicked Games: Snuff Cut VHS release

Sub Rosa Studios will release Tim Ritter's 1994 movie Wicked Games on VHS today April 1, 2013 at 11:00AM EST. This is a different, faster paced cut of the movie, entitled Wicked Games: Snuff Cut. It's limited to 75 copies, but 35 of those copies are already spoken for through Sub Rosa's VHS club membership. That means there will be only 40 copies available when it goes live at 11:00AM EST. So if you want one be online (see link below) at that time. All copies will come with a DVD-R. Copies #36-#40 will be priced at $35.00 and also come with a Lego "Ginger" figure and a 70's style "Wicked Games" iron-on T-Shirt Patch. Copies #41-#50 will be priced at $25.00 and come with the "Wicked Games" iron-on patch. And copies #51-#75 will just be the VHS and DVD-R also for $25.00.
Here's the facebook link:
And here's the Sub Rosa shop link:
Be there at 11:00AM EST today April 1, 2013 or Ginger's gonna crack the whip on yer ass!